13. If it ain’t Pumpkin, it ain’t in me

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It’s only Brad and I tonight. We are sorry for how bad we are. Good news is that there is an easteregg early on. Also we talk about pumpkins and blumpkins. Brad also tries to blow so much wind through your ears that you have no choice but to have a embolism!

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12. Grandma No!!!

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We are back! The family is reunited and making happy fun times with each other. We talk about video games, grandmas, diablo and diablo. Chris comes to a realization that he is just a lil cub in a big world. Bradley believes he is still in twin peaks. And I, well… I just edit this so I can be ANYTHING!


10. Batman takes a trip to Beavertown

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Tonight, we dare to censor ourselves. We almost get away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling beavers. We talk shop about video games, lemons, cthomas xbox sports, and end it all with a long conversation about Batman and his new moving picture Bruce Wayne: Everyone Loves Me. Also your favorites, zombie news, and Chris taking us to Chicago for a good ole fashioned raping. Enjoy the show!