E3 2016 Streams

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So you wanna watch ALL of E3’s coverage but are unsure of where and when to do it? Let’s rectify that right now.

There will be all day coverage starting Sunday June 12th at 12pm EST at:


And twitch will have a daily stream as well:

Watch live video from Twitch on www.twitch.tv

However, the meat and potatoes is the Dev and Brand specific showcases!

Wednesday June 8th 1130am EST РSquare Enix and Deus Ex
Pretty straight forward, we’re going to see new Square projects, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay.
Watch live video from DeusEx on www.twitch.tv


Sunday June 12th 4pm EST – EA’s mini E3
They told us last year they wanted to do their own thing, this is them following through. Catch the stream here:
Watch live video from EA on www.twitch.tv


Sunday June 12th 10pm EST – Bethesda
Something we’re all waiting for… new info on Dishonored 2, maybe the announcement of the Skyrim Remaster (why? Just WHY?) or maybe a NEW Elderscrolls game. Lots of speculation, we’ll be glued for this one for sure.
Watch live video from Bethesda on www.twitch.tv


Monday June 13th 1230pm EST – Microsoft
Well, I feel like this is going to focus on the new Xbox Ones. And will be disappointing, but we’ll see.
Watch live video from Xbox on www.twitch.tv


Monday June 13th 2pm – PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Event
This was a clusterfuck last year, but they promised to tighten it up. Bohemia, Blizzard, Cloud Imperium and More are going to be presenting some of their goodies. So, we can only hope it is run tight and short, and not a 3+ hour slogfest like last year. It’s going to follow the same Talk Show-esque format, but I’ll pass judgement if it falls on it’s face again. We really need a good representation of PC Gaming at E3, for once please.
Watch live video from PCGamer on www.twitch.tv


Monday June 13th 4pm – Ubisofat
After losing trust in Ubisoft the past few years with the mess that Watch_Dogs was, to mediocre and frustratingly bad Assassin’s Creed games at best since then and other missteps… be prepared for… More Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs 2.
Watch live video from Ubisoft on www.twitch.tv

Monday June 13th 9pm – Sony
Monday ends with a bang, Sony always does well at E3, and will probably show us more VR, more PS4 exclusives, probably the new PS4 (so annoying), and other nonsense.
Watch live video from PlayStation on www.twitch.tv

Tuesday June 14th 12pm EST and Wednesday June 15th 1pm – Nintendo plays Legend of Zelda for like 2 hours
Sure, people will like it. Pokemon and Zelda is what is slated, seemingly nothing about the NX, figures…
Watch live video from Nintendo on www.twitch.tv