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It’s Monday, Where The Hell is #RetroRecall?

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Everyone is probably wondering, “Hey, it’s Monday… WHERE THE HELL IS MY EPISODE OF #RETRORECALL?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!”
Well the simple answer is 2 part.
1. It’s Bradley and Christine’s 1st Anniversary, they are more important than this, I hope those 2 have an awesome night of farting on each other, as is tradition (1st anniversary is wind right?) Was super awesome to be a part of their wedding last year and Bradley is forever my brother, and now Christine is my sister. Pretty cool right?
2. We have kind of let the series get away from us. Every week we pushed out another video that was just us playing a game and talking over it. While some of you love it, I want to say, we can do better. You deserve better. Who remembers great episodes like the #TopGun one, the #Battletoads one where Brad exploded in rage, or even the silly ones like American Gladiators. Where there were goofs, spoofs and all around silly fun times. We need to get back to that.
So, tonight we take a break from Retro Recall, and that is A-OK. It’s ok to take a break once in a while.
Hell we gave you 25 weeks in a row of Retro Recall madness. With a good chunk of additional videos in between.
So, where does that put us right now?
I have a few videos that I am working on for some silly glitchy time and I know Bradley has a few more videos he has in the can that he needs to finish up.
Enjoy the break everyone.
We look forward to entertaining you more later this week!
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No Man’s Sky: Newest Info

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Going to rattle this off in Bullet Point form:

  • It will contain 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets.  That is a lot, (They even said 18,446,744,073,709,551,616, to be precise in PC Gamer)
  • It will take you about 500 billion years to visit each planet in No Man’s Sky, which is good since the heat death of the universe comes in about 5.
  • It’s not an MMO, it’s not even really Multiplayer, and you won’t even know if your are fighting people or AI when you do encounter other ships.
  • The worlds are so huge anyway, if 20 people were in your region and landed on the same planet, how would they even run into each other. Earth is small, but if you put 20 people on earth and said, “OK Run into each other”, it wouldn’t happen.
  • You can play offline. Yes, you can. Your discoveries and other’s discoveries won’t show up though until you connect to the servers.
  • Exploration is the name of the game, explore, make money, and then explore more because you made money to explore more. This entices a LOT of people (me included)
  • You discover a creature or planet first, you get to name it… those are the rules.
  • There will be aliens, there will be wildlife, some will be friendly, some will not.
  • Want to trade? Go for it! Want to mine? Want to kill things? There is that too! Lots of way to make money and get along.
  • DLC? Who needs DLC when the developer is just going to do updated and add content. Plus what could they add with DLC that wouldn’t be added in a patch… MORE WORLDS? That would be silly.
  • There is no story, you make your own. That is too daunting for most. This is going to be a great relaxation game, exploring and mining and trading and fighting. I can not wait for this game!
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Battlefield 1 E3 2016

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This is what everyone was waiting for today. More look at gameplay of BF1. And we got a good chunk of it today.  Kind of, not during the main stream, but the after stream.

shellshock Untitled-8

They even had a weird exchange between Zack Effron and Jamie Foxx.

No battle ever the same? Sounds fun! With dynamic death, destruction and weather? Also fun. BEHEMOTHS?! EPIC!
murder behe peepums pewpew planes

October 21st World wide release!

Let the weird hype train roll!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Gets a Release Date

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Launching February 28th 2017, this Exclusive is ready to rock. Check out the new Trailer that hit today. I forgot all about this game last year, now, I’m interested again.

And in case you missed the original gameplay video from E3.

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Overwatch with over 7 Million Players Already

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It’s been a couple weeks, but the stats are out. Overwatch has over 7 million people playing already. Pretty awesome.

Tonight, it’s going to finally get one more.

I plan on diving in and having some fun, shooting people, dying repeatedly, exploding.

Here is fellow TGN Partner Tactical Koala who is teaching you how to fight cheese. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this game tonight, finally.

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Yo! Check This Out is on Patreon

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So, this is something new, and something that a couple of people asked about.

“How do I give you guys money to do things?”

That answer was hard… “Watch our videos? Send us paypal? Give us Cookies? Pet Lando?”

We really didn’t know, but, with Patreon, we kind of got this semi figured out!

So, if you want to subscribe/donate/give us a hug, we have a Patreon now. Complete with some preliminary goals (lofty, but hey, why not shoot for the stars right?). There are even some basic rewards.

All of the rewards and goals may change or be modified depending on what our audience may want or wish we had as a reward.

Who knows! Maybe if we start making enough money, we can do this full time and making life grand for everyone.

This was really a thing we had thought about doing, but it wasn’t until Matt Hamm texted us last night and was like, “OMG DUDE HOW TO MAKE GIVE MONIES”.

So… this is a direct result of that. More to come!

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No Man’s Sky – Delayed!

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No Man's Sky

Well, when you have a small team of less than 20 ( I think 15 to be exact), you’re going to run into problems with your infinitely huge game that lets you explore everything in the everything-verse. It was slated for June 21st, but Hello Games has to push it back a few months. A few more months? We can live with that. Just don’t let it slip into oblivion, we’ve been waiting for this endless exploration game for too long now.

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Pocket Card Jockey Review

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title screen

Like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream or peas and carrots of course when you think of your favorite pair ups solitaire and horse racing instantly come to mind. Pocket Card Jockey comes to us from GameFreak and this is one of the most addicting games I have played since Rusty’s Real Deal Slugger. GameFreak is also the same team that has brought us Yoshi for the NES, Drill Dozer and Pokemon. This charming little racer combines solitaire and horse racing in a way that surprisingly makes sense. Players start the game given a horse and are walked through a wordy training stage but do not worry the tip horse that helps out will be less chatty later. Players begin each race at the gate with a quick hand of solitaire to get to one of the START! cards looking to find the 5 gems for the best start.
race start
As you round the track your place and pace are set by how well you do with each hand of solitaire while picking up power-ups on the field to level up your horse.
In the later races a vendor comes and sells products to help you through some of the tougher stretches. She sells everything from goggles and gloves for the jockey to carrots for the horse’s stamina.
sales woman

I find myself logging in to squeeze in a race to level up my colt or even pop in to the training section for a quick hand.
The music is delightful and keeps you engaged with each turn. Winning feels great and even when the race comes to the final stretch you really feel your enthusiasm
matches with your horse as he goes all out toward the end of the race.
pace and end
Each of the characters throughout the game so far have been both funny and engaging and even when you get your horse to a certain age you send them out to pasture to
breed. Each horse has his or her own characteristics, for example, my horse likes to race in second place and then take first in the final stretch as a closer. Which
can get nerve wracking! A lot of races end in a dead heat if you do well but when you do poorly in solitaire it reflects in your place when finishing. I have not
gotten a chance to try out any new horses from my pasture but I am looking forward to seeing how they perform with the parent’s characteristics combined.
I wonder if I search the grass enough if I can find a shiny steed.
I highly recommend for any 3DS owner to go out and try out the free demo on the eShop right now since I am having a blast with what I thought was not a game for me. At only a $7.99 price point this game is fantastic and I cannot wait to see what GameFreak has in store next for us on the 3DS

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Launch Trailer Released

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We’ve been waiting long and patiently for this! If you haven’t played the original Mirror’s Edge, you are doing yourself a disservice! It may have been short, but it was visually striking, fluid and fun. The sequel is turning up to be even BETTER. I can not wait to play this game.

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Doom (2016) Review

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24 years ago, I had a moment in my gaming life that changed everything.

I had sat with a PC and played the original Wolfenstein for the first time. Killing Nazis in 3d. It was a great time in gaming.0000002413.600x338 I remember running around the mazes, finding treasure and just going insane when you found secrets.

There was just tons of great enemies and it was always challenge.


But I wanted more… I wanted so much more.

Just a year later, I got a bundle of shareware from a PC Trade Show. In there, were some floppies, different ones, some copies of copies. 70145859_6b828a68d2The important thing was half of them were labeled “Doom”.  I remember even calling id Software to get my registered copies of Doom v1.2, it came on 4 black floppies, and I was ready to dive deep into the depths of hell.


It changed everything for me.


E1M1... Life changes forever
E1M1… Life changes forever

Fast forward 23 years.

I knew it was coming, it was in literal development hell for years. Bethesda finally got angry enough at id Software to say, “Release this game or get out of the game making game” (not an actual quote, quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve typed in a while). Then it was released.


Great, Doom, finally back right? I kind of blew it off. “Another reboot of my childhood games… great, probably lame with cover mechanics like gears of war and stupid crap like health regen. I will pass.”

I even watched a few trailers and was more impressed by the return of the iconic e1m1 music re-imagined as some glitch metal.

I was a little excited, but not overly hyped. There were much better games coming out in the next year from that, Fallout 4, Dark Souls 3, etc.

Well, I waited a full week. And I am sorry that I did.

I fired it up, and right from the intro into the gameplay. I felt it. It had been missing for nearly 20 years.  Not since the days of Quake, the last bastion of proper id Software FPS gaming.

It was fast, fluid (even when my aging video card couldn’t handle high at 60fps and dropped to 30fps), frantic, and other adjectives that start with f.

I stopped playing every other game I had and only wanted to make it through hell and finish Doom.

There was no faux game time increase by forcing you to play from cover, taking pot shots while you regened health. There was no regeneration of health at all. In fact, if you were low on health, you are encouraged to get up close and personal with your enemy for Glory kills to get some health back. There was you, guns, health packs and relentlessly running around like a kid who dove face first into a 5 gallon bucket of sugar. It was dark, foreboding, but not creepy in the terms of Doom 3, but more, “I am Doom Guy, I must DESTROY EVERYTHING BEFORE IT DESTROYS ME!!!”


It was exactly what I wanted, even though I didn’t know that I needed it. Each area filled with demons, and you had to kill them.

The game basically became a death match arena against a large scale wave of demons until you killed them all and could advance in the area/story/etc.  As repetitive and boring as that sounds, it wasn’t. Every time I would get to a new area, I’d be excited for the fight, the music would ramp up and cause my adrenaline to start pumping.

One of the many Hell Rifts to close
A Hellrift, destroy these, kill all the demons. Simple as that.

That is when you would get swarmed by enemies. Circle strafing, jumping, dodging, shooting, finding health. Until every last demon was dead. Gather up ammo, health, maybe a new weapon, and your jaw from the floor after being covered in blood and guts in insanely detailed environments.

Mancubus and Reaver

I could just stop there and give you a thumbs up to go get it, but there is more to all of it. By performing tasks, challenges, finding secrets, and what have you, you are awarded with points to upgrade your guns. You don’t even need to do this, but it makes the game way more fun when your assault rifle is turned into an automatic mini missile launcher. Or your Super Shotgun can down shoot twice before reloading, and all the shots pierce all enemies in front of you, or a personal favorite, having your rocket launcher be able to lock on to a target and fire a barrage of 3 rockets at them.

Super Shotty

You can also upgrade your armor with additional skills like, climbing ledges faster, switching guns faster, scanning for secrets easier, and even things like taking no damage from exploding barrels (that one saved my ass more than once). You also get runes from completing rune challenges. They offer an array of buffs when you level them. All in all fun side things to do with your character if you are into collectibles and being a completionist.


The story is pretty basic and without spoiling much? Well, there really isn’t anything to spoil if you have played Doom before. UAC is an evil corporation that learned how to harness the power of hell with interdimensional portals, shit goes wrong, demons do things to mars where the UAC has their base of operations. Doom Guy is a space marine you play, kill all the demons, win the game.

There is a twist in Doom 2016 that we didn’t have in the original, however, all in all, it’s about surviving. And I had a damn blast playing this game. It was short, I beat it in about 7 hours on Hurt me Plenty.

The multiplayer was surprisingly lacking straight up Deathmatch. The originator of the damn play type, Deathmatch, did not have deathmatch. There is Team Deathmatch of course and a slew of other game modes. Overall, it was ok, but it was stuck to simple loadouts, and odd choices. If you have played Halo’s Multiplayer from Halo 4 on, the you know what you are in for. Except it’s MUCH faster and more frantic.

There is a really simplified version of their level builder too, it is easy to use and good to create a ton of maps fast and easy to share with friends for fragging fun.

Overall? I enjoyed every second of it, I didn’t find all the secretes, though I will go back on an additional playthrough to find all the goodies. If we were a huge accredited review site, I would give this an 8/10. It scratched the itch I didn’t even know I had from 2 decades ago. It won’t be for everyone and I never want to be elitist, but I have no idea how someone can play this on a console.

Below is my complete playthrough over 3 nights of this game.