It’s Monday, Where The Hell is #RetroRecall?

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Everyone is probably wondering, “Hey, it’s Monday… WHERE THE HELL IS MY EPISODE OF #RETRORECALL?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!”
Well the simple answer is 2 part.
1. It’s Bradley and Christine’s 1st Anniversary, they are more important than this, I hope those 2 have an awesome night of farting on each other, as is tradition (1st anniversary is wind right?) Was super awesome to be a part of their wedding last year and Bradley is forever my brother, and now Christine is my sister. Pretty cool right?
2. We have kind of let the series get away from us. Every week we pushed out another video that was just us playing a game and talking over it. While some of you love it, I want to say, we can do better. You deserve better. Who remembers great episodes like the #TopGun one, the #Battletoads one where Brad exploded in rage, or even the silly ones like American Gladiators. Where there were goofs, spoofs and all around silly fun times. We need to get back to that.
So, tonight we take a break from Retro Recall, and that is A-OK. It’s ok to take a break once in a while.
Hell we gave you 25 weeks in a row of Retro Recall madness. With a good chunk of additional videos in between.
So, where does that put us right now?
I have a few videos that I am working on for some silly glitchy time and I know Bradley has a few more videos he has in the can that he needs to finish up.
Enjoy the break everyone.
We look forward to entertaining you more later this week!

Steam Summer Sale Starts TODAY!

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2849647-6803049559-27465It’s upon us. We wait 2 times a year for these things.


Reddit User has put together a survival guide to getting through a Steam Sale.

This is going to be a good one. Hoping to pick up a discount on the Fallout 4 Season Pass, and maybe a few bundles and little games here and there.

What are you excited for?

TinyBuild Making Good On Twitch Challenge!

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A little friendly competition never hurt no one. In fact. It’s helping PC gamers get their hands on One Troll Army from Tiny Build and Fly Anvil.

The challenge was issued by Tiny Build:

If Twitch Chat beats us in One Troll Army, we’ll make it free
So here’s the deal everyone. Last time we put something into the hands of Twitch, they beat Punch Club in 36 hours. That’s all funny and whatnot, but this time we’re throwing a real challenge your way.
Can Twitch Chat beat us in One Troll Army? If they can, the game’s price will drop to $0.

Well twitch is never one to back down from a challenge. So, they got in, and destroyed the game and well. Tiny Build is making good on their promise! So, if you’re a PC Gamer, don’t forget!

So, what are you waiting for. Go book mark it and get your free game tomorrow. It’s actually on my wishlist anyway, so that is a win/win for me!