Doom: Behind the Music

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Bradley and I are musicians, we play all ranges of pieces. From the Pop Punk of NOFX and Lagwagon that brought us together as friends nearly 22 years ago, to jazz, video game music, to metal, to more metal.

Man, that Metal is what gets us, intricate technical metal, loud chugga chugga metal, in your face thrash. We love it all.

So, when Doom came out earlier this month, we were excited for it and had a fun time. Hell I even reviewed it. The one thing that made us super excited beyond the gameplay and visuals. The music.

Mick Gordon. That name might not mean much of anything to you. To us, we fell in love with creative prowess when we started playing the new Killer Instinct.

He is the composer of the music we heard in Doom.  He lovingly sat back and treated the series with respect. He took the iconic sound of E1M1 and re-imagined it into a heavy new area.

He took some time out to see behind the scenes of how he came up with some of these tracks. Such a great watch. You should follow Mick on Youtube. Dude is awesome.

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