No Man’s Sky: Newest Info

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Going to rattle this off in Bullet Point form:

  • It will contain 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets.  That is a lot, (They even said 18,446,744,073,709,551,616, to be precise in PC Gamer)
  • It will take you about 500 billion years to visit each planet in No Man’s Sky, which is good since the heat death of the universe comes in about 5.
  • It’s not an MMO, it’s not even really Multiplayer, and you won’t even know if your are fighting people or AI when you do encounter other ships.
  • The worlds are so huge anyway, if 20 people were in your region and landed on the same planet, how would they even run into each other. Earth is small, but if you put 20 people on earth and said, “OK Run into each other”, it wouldn’t happen.
  • You can play offline. Yes, you can. Your discoveries and other’s discoveries won’t show up though until you connect to the servers.
  • Exploration is the name of the game, explore, make money, and then explore more because you made money to explore more. This entices a LOT of people (me included)
  • You discover a creature or planet first, you get to name it… those are the rules.
  • There will be aliens, there will be wildlife, some will be friendly, some will not.
  • Want to trade? Go for it! Want to mine? Want to kill things? There is that too! Lots of way to make money and get along.
  • DLC? Who needs DLC when the developer is just going to do updated and add content. Plus what could they add with DLC that wouldn’t be added in a patch… MORE WORLDS? That would be silly.
  • There is no story, you make your own. That is too daunting for most. This is going to be a great relaxation game, exploring and mining and trading and fighting. I can not wait for this game!

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