Video Games, Frustration, Possible Fart Jokes, Cthomas… One of these is not in the podcast

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The cthomas podcast is brought to you by cthomas and vocalized by cthomas…

Actually he isn’t on the podcast still. He decided Las Vegas was more important than talking on the internet.

Brad and I get into a groove, boy you got to prove your love to me….
What I meant was, we talk about some of our passions in video gaming and our frustrations. We even make some recommendations…

I also am getting better at editing audio… so we have an intro… and an OUTRO?!

I stole the song from Measured in Grey, it’s called Sunday Sunday Sunday. And I love it. They are good people. Buy their stuff, it’s in another post…

I’m gonna try and get this on itunes sooner than later. This will make this page basically just here and then everyone can get updates automatically when needed.

Enough talking, Enjoy the show.


(imagine a picture of a coffee here because I was too lazy to add one)

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