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So, this is something new, and something that a couple of people asked about.

“How do I give you guys money to do things?”

That answer was hard… “Watch our videos? Send us paypal? Give us Cookies? Pet Lando?”

We really didn’t know, but, with Patreon, we kind of got this semi figured out!

So, if you want to subscribe/donate/give us a hug, we have a Patreon now. Complete with some preliminary goals (lofty, but hey, why not shoot for the stars right?). There are even some basic rewards.

All of the rewards and goals may change or be modified depending on what our audience may want or wish we had as a reward.

Who knows! Maybe if we start making enough money, we can do this full time and making life grand for everyone.

This was really a thing we had thought about doing, but it wasn’t until Matt Hamm texted us last night and was like, “OMG DUDE HOW TO MAKE GIVE MONIES”.

So… this is a direct result of that. More to come!


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